Beautiful Decay: The Outpost
Beautiful Decay: The Outpost
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Gain a comprehensive understanding on concept art design

Get insight of the ideas of an experienced Concept Artist, Illustrator on his art work

Let’s create the unique decayed concept art image.

This tutorial is going to lead us from shallow to deep on making an abandoned outpost in a beautiful decay style! In which we will go through steps such as: conception, linear sketching, blocking, color sketching, making a 3D mockup in 3DCoat and render it in Octane. And finally finishing it with photos and brushes in Photoshop, revising our final artwork.



| The ideas of Advanced concept art |

【要上线】二维三辅助概念设计-《美丽衰变 :前哨》简介

What are the ideas and techniques?

The frame of the image is crucial to your concept art design. It will guides you through through the entire process of creating a concept art image.

In this tutorial, Bima not only explains the workflow of making a unique decayed concept art image, but also elaborates the basis and lighting setups for this art work.

| Reveal the ideas of 3D Concept Art in 7954|


In this tutorial, Bima will go through steps such as: conception, linear sketching, blocking, color sketching, making a 3D mockup in 3DCoat and render it in Octane. And finally finishing it with photos and brushes in Photoshop, revising the final artwork. You will be able to grasp the knowledge that you need to accomplish a high quality concept art image.


Build design framework

【要上线】二维三辅助概念设计-《美丽衰变 :前哨》简介


Core Information

  • You will learn how to develop your own conception and draw your own linear sketches in this section. Then learn how to transform black and white sketches into meaningful color sketches.


Chapter one





Houdini custom generation

Modeling and rendering basics

【要上线】二维三辅助概念设计-《美丽衰变 :前哨》简介


Core Information

  • In this section, you will learn how to build your model in 3D Coat and render them in Octane. Bima will demonstrate all the process to assist you in terms of concept art creation. Bima would also spend time on the issue that you most concern about, such as lighting problems and materials selections.


Chapter two





PS overall touch-up adjustment

【要上线】二维三辅助概念设计-《美丽衰变 :前哨》简介


Core Information

  • In the last section of this tutorial, Bima will add vegetation, add human figures, overall adjustments, conduct modification to complete this decayed beauty.


Chapter three



| Rendering and basic knowledge |


In this tutorial, Bima will demonstrate on how to rapidly create simple shapes in 3D Coat, also he will introduce the tools that you need in order to create the outpost you need. Moreover, he will teach you the basic knowledge of Octane and explain the cautions of lighting setups and material uses.

Superb concept painting technique

Improve high technique and efficiency in all aspects


Finalize the image in Photoshop, and add the texture, vegetation and human figures.

| Learning with No Doubts |



 Will this tutorial cover the entire process of concept art design?



Yes, it certainly will. I will be covering all stage of the concept art design of this image.



Will Bima be teaching us the fundamental of 3D software?



Yes, I will. I will be explaining the basis of the 3D software before I am using them, so everyone can easily catch up.

| Tutorial Directory & Update Plan

  • Chapter 1

1.1 Introduction and Overview    

1.2.1 Before You Design Anything    

1.2.2 Reference    

1.2.3 Moodboard    

1.2.4 Creative Parameter Case Study    

1.2.5 Shortcuts    

1.3.1 Lineart    

1.3.2 Blocking Part 1    

1.3.2 Blocking Part 2    

1.3.3 Detailing Part 1    

1.3.3 Detailing Part 2    

1.3.4 Coloring Part 1    

1.3.5 Coloring Part 2    

1.4.1 Composition and What_s It About    

1.4.2 Composition  Case Study    

1.4.3 Composition Evaluation    

1.4.4 Composition Guidelines    

  • Chapter 2

2.1 Navigation, Reference, Shortcut, Primitive    

2.2 Selecting Layers, Grouping and Merging    

2.3 Cut Off, Transform, and Pose    

2.4 Extrude, Move, Vox Hide    

2.5 Split and Clone    

2.6 Instancer    

2.7 Stencil, Resample, and Res+    

2.8 Symetry, Exporting    

2.9 Octane Overview    

2.10 Modelling First Pass    

2.11 Octane and Draw Over    

2.12 Modelling Detail    

2.13 Octane Final Render


  • Chapter 3

3 Overview    

3.1 Separation and Adding the Props    

3.2 Tackling the Watchtower    

3.3 More Props    

3.4 Bridges    

3.5 Adding Vegetation    

3.6 Even More Vegetation    

3.7 Refinement    

3.8 Figures    

3.9 Revise and Revise!    

3.10 Final Concept    

  • Chapter 4

4.1 Closing [Part 1]    

4.2 Closing [Part 2]

| Tutorial Parameters |



  • Name

  • Instructor

  • Content

  • Length

  • Software

  • System

  • Suitable for

  • Project file

  • Beautiful Decay: The Outpost

  • Bima

  • HD tutorials

  • Approximate 10 hours and 43 sections

  • Photoshop CC, 3DCoat 4.8, and Octane Render (Standalone) 3.07

  • No limits

  • Concept Artist, Illustrator and concept art enthusiasts

  • Relevant PS files, the final 3D Coat files, bushes (Octane rendering files are not included)

| Through this course What will you gain? |


Learn how to develop the frame work of concept art


Master the basis knowledge of 3D Coat and Octane rendering technique


Learn how to post-process in Photoshop


Understand the workflow of concept art design

| Senior concept artist & illustrator Online teaching |



Bima has been doing concept and illustration for companies such as Plaid Hat Games, Great Ape Games, AcecatVFX, SupremeVFX, doing illustrations from local game studios and advertisement agency, and also personal commission from around the world. One of them is called Noyer van Java. It’s a 120 pages art book about a post apocalyptic world.                        

2D to 3D advanced concept art design

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