Create Maya Multi-style Hair
71/30h (Finish)
Create Maya Multi-style Hair
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This course includes:
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Create Maya Multi-style Hair
Create Maya Multi-style Hair
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Create Maya Multi-style Hair
71/30h (Finish)
This course includes:


From this course, you will acquire a higher level of skill in creating complicated hair styles. The course contains three modules: Introduction to XGen, Theory of Hair Modelling and Case-based Training. Starting from the basics of XGen, you will practice and create hair styles for the characters form course cases. The course will train your skills to create various hair styles, to analyze complicated hair styles, and develop your own philosophy of arts. Plus, the instructor will apply Redshift and Tubegroom to create hair. Come and join the instructor now!



Why hair modeling is an essential step for characters production?

Hair modeling is of great significance to bring out a realistic character. A character without hair is a character without a soul.            

How to create realistic and natural hair?

First and foremost, get to know the rules and characteristics of hair growth. Based on the rules and characteristics , create hair models, sculpt details and assign materials to present realistic and natural hair. 

| Join the Instructor and Acquire Advanced Skills to Create Complicated Hair Styles |


From this course, you will acquire a higher level of skill in creating complicated hair styles. The course contains three modules: Introduction to XGen, Theory of Hair Modelling and Case-based Training.             
           The instructor will share his thoughts and methods of creating hair via XGen, so as to help you to develop different ways of thinking, to strengthen your ability to create various style of hair, You'll learn to create different hair styles by making use of XGen’s advantages, and avoid some traps when you apply techniques.


Introduction to XGen


Core Information

  • In this part, the instructor will introduce XGen in detail: its versions, menus and applicable scenarios. Based on his years of industry experience, the instructor will explain common mistakes when using XGen, basic rules to make hair and application of Arnold to process hair materials. This part is your quick guide to XGen application.




Hair styling theory


Core Information

  • This part is the core of this course. The instructor will analyze the similarity and features of different hair styles, and character design based on a particular timeline. Plus, you will learn to extract useful information and rest logic, and better understand the rules and materials for creating hair.




Case training


Core Information

  • In this part, you will have a case-based training to create hair for characters in different gender and with different hair styles. The instructor will analyze the hardest parts and artistic styles of hair modeling, and guide you through the process of modeling, details sculpting and rendering. After the training, you will develop a more flexible mindset to meet different project demands.



| Why this course will help you reach a higher-level of hair modeling? |

Theory of Hair Modeling & Case-based Training,Explore the Complete Work Flow of Hair Making

Combine Theory with Case Practice


Case-based training is strictly conducted throughout the work flow. The instructor will explain features of different hair styles, artistic quality of hair, the hardest parts of XGen application, details sculpture, rendering and post processing in Photoshop. You will be more familiar with every step of the work flow.

All the Useful Techniques for Hair Modeling

The Training to Help You Meet Different Project Demands 


This course is based on four cases of training to help you meet the different project demands. From this course, you will better understand features and artistic styles of hair, and improve your work efficiency to create hair for different styles, including realistic style and animation style. After the course, you will be able to apply the acquired skills and meet different project demands.

| Learning with No Doubts |



What are the target learner for this course?



This course is suitable for game model artists, as well we character development artists for films and televisions. The hair modeling theory introduced in my course will be helpful to animators who seek to level up their modeling skill.



What are the highlights of this course?



This course emphasizes the theory of arts and modeling. Some students might underestimate the significance of theory, but I believe that knowing the rules of hair growth guides you through the process of making natural and realistic hair. Plus, you will learn about how materials impact shapes and the rules of applying materials

| Tutorial Directoy & Update Plan |

  • 0. Introduction

  • 1. Overview

  • Chapter 1

  • 2. Examples

  • 3. Frequent Fault- Xgen

  • 4. Xgen Basic

  • 5. Use Arnold Hair Material

  • Chapter 2

  • 6. Comparison and Similarity

  • 7. Features of Hairstyle, Role Definition, and Time Characteristics

  • 8. Effective Extraction and Logical Reset

  • 9. Design Principle and Artistic Features of Hairstyle

  • Chapter 3 

  • 10. Avoid Misunderstandings and Errors

  • 11. The idea of Making the Hairstyle and Process

  • 12. Get the Guide Lines Through an Auxiliary Model- Part 1

  • 13. Get the Guide Lines Through an Auxiliary Model- Part 2

  • 14. File Set-Up and Standard

  • 15. Guide- Part 1

  • 16. Guide- Part 2

  • 17. Guide- Part 3

  • 18. Guide- Part 4

  • 19. Guide- Part 5

  • 20. Adjustment- Part 1

  • 21. Adjustment- Part 2

  • 22. Adjustment- Part 3

  • 23. Adjustment- Part 4

  • 24. Add details and Adjustment- Part 1

  • 25. Add details and Adjustment- Part 2

  • 26. Little Hair String

  • 27. Eyebrows and Eyelashes

  • 28. Materials, Lights, and Rendering- Part 1

  • 29. Materials, Lights, and Rendering- Part 2

  • Chapter 4

  • 30. Conclusion and Expansion

  • 31. Characteristics of Hair Style and Analysis of Art Style

  • 32. Difficulty and Plan

  • 33. Create Assistant Models and Get Guide Lines

  • 34. Guide- Part 1

  • 35. Guide- Part 2

  • 36. Guide- Part 3

  • 37. Adjustment- Part 1

  • 38. Adjustment- Part 2

  • 39. Adjustment- Part 3

  • 40. Refine and Bugs Fix

  • 41. Add Details and Adjustment- Part 1

  • 42. Add Details and Adjustment- Part 2

  • 43. Materials, Lights, and Rendering

  • 44. Rendering and Adjustment

  • 45. Summary and Analysis

  • Chapter 5

  • 46. Characteristics of Hair Style and Analysis of Art Style

  • 47. Difficulty and Plan

  • 48. Guide- Part 1

  • 49. Guide- Part 2

  • 50. Guide- Part 3

  • 51. Adjustment- Part 1

  • 52. Adjustment- Part 2

  • 53. Details and Adjustment

  • 54. Summary and Analysis

  • Chapter 6

  • 55. Characteristics of Hair Style and Analysis of Art Style

  • 56. Guide

  • 57. Auxiliary Model Adjustment

  • 58. Create Tube Groom

  • 59. Beard and Eyebrow

  • 60. Bingle

  • 61. Refinement

  • 62. Adjustment and Inspection

  • 63. Lights and Rendering

  • 64. Summary and Analysis

  • 65. Advantages and Disadvantages of Xgen

  • 66. Habit formation of Using Xgen

  • 67. Learning Method and Art

  • 68. Supplement and Experience about 3D

| Tutorial Parameters |



  • Name

  • Instructor

  • Content

  • Length

  • Software

  • System

  • Suitable for

  • Project file

  • Create Maya Multi-style Hair

  • YANG Pengcheng

  • HD tutorials

  • Approximately 30h/68 videos

  • Maya 2018.4/Arnold 5.1

  • No limits

  • Game model artist, CG character development artist and hair model artists for films and televisions

  • Models, Plugin Scripts and materials library

| Through this course What will you gain? |


XGen application


Hair Modeling Theory


Complicated Hair Modeling + Materials Application


The Skills to Create Hair in Different Styles, and the Ability to Meet Different Project Demands

| Advanced CG artist Online teaching |


YANG Pengcheng

YANG majored in animation when he was a student. He has a strong commitment to arts and has been in the CG industry for years. As a keen problem-solver, he enjoys exchanging ideas about painting and CG arts, and is familiar with conventional arts and paining history in western countries. He has work experience in 2D/3D production, including game development and animation production. In 2015, he entered the CG industry. During two years in the game industry, as a production artist, he contributed to a range of AAA-rated games, such as Horizon, God Of War, Uncharted and Hitman: Codename 47. In 2017, he joined the animation industry, and contributed to development of main characters for Rakshasa Street one 3D animation (not listed yet, the title has to be kept confidential).

Acquire Advanced Modeling Skills for Complicated Hair Styles

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