Clarisse IFX 3D Large Scale Concept Art creation
Jonas Hassibi
28/10h (Finish)
Clarisse IFX 3D Large Scale Concept Art creation
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This course includes:
10 hours video
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Clarisse IFX 3D Large Scale Concept Art creation
Clarisse IFX 3D Large Scale Concept Art creation
$49.00 $69.00 29%off
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Clarisse IFX 3D Large Scale Concept Art creation
Jonas Hassibi
28/10h (Finish)
This course includes:



Clarisse IFX is one of the most popular software used in Hollywood film production, which is featured in the independent CPU rendering system. Large CG scenes for film like Pacific Rim, The Avengers, Aquaman are created by the aid of Clarisse IFX. Clarisse stands out for the large-scale CG scene creation, plus the unique memory optimization which assists our CG artist to easily accomplish the editing for hundreds of millions of high poly models at once, hence it’s a highly effective tool! In this tutorial, you will be guided through a large-scale 3D scene creation and exposed to its production workflow. The case study is emphasized on the creation of a medieval city, named Andor. As you go along the tutorial, you will learn about the methodology by the senior artist on how he creates the frame, design and draft the scene. Through the demonstration, you will learn how to create your own medieval city by using complex 3D software, and layout your scene in Photoshop, also paint and optimize your scene. It is time for you to grasp those techniques you needed to create your own medieval city! Let's get started!


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| Most preferred independent rendering software in Hollywood film production  |

Clarisse IFX:大型3D概念场景《中世纪古堡》创建教学【实名验证】简介

What could Clarisse do?

In many top international VFX companies, such as MPC, double negative. Both companies make use of the Clarisse to create fantastic scenes for movies like Pacific Rim, The Avengers, Aquaman. So, why should we hesitate? let’s get started and get prepare for the opportunities!

| Let’s sense the impressiveness of the large-scale 3D concept scene |


The course is approximately 10 hours long and divided into seven chapters. British professional concept artist is going to elaborate the workflow of his large-scale concept art project with you. You are going to be impressed by the function of Clarisse.

Creative thought share from large-scale concept art professional

Upgrades in technique and efficiency


There are six important parts of this course, including the concept drafting, idea sharing, creation guiding, 3D asset creation, texturing and the rendering, and Photoshop reinforcement. Through these parts, you will be able to generate your creative ideas and layout your scene to create your own medieval city or any or another scene you want.

| Learn with No doubt |



Q: Do I have to know anything about 3D?



It’s not necessary. But I would suggest you to go through some basis of 3D information.



Q:Do I need to master all software before I learn the course?



Yes, I would suggest that you should grasp the basic knowledge of these software, especially Clarisse IFX. Good foundation is definitely an aid to your study. Aside from Clarisse, you can substitute 3DCoat with ZBrush.



Does this course cover the design workflow?



Yes, it does. I am going to go through my creative ideas and methodology with you. Also, I would give you suggestions on design and solve those potential problems with you.

| Tutorial Directory & Update plan |

  • Chapter 1

  • 1.Introduction

  • 2.Initial Sketches 01

  • 3.Design Plan 01

  • 4.Design Plan 02

  • Chapter 2

  • 5.Ref Board Creation 01

  • 6.Landscape 00 World Creator Tutorial

  • 7.Landscape 01

  • 8.Landscape 02

  • Chapter 3

  • 9.Castle Theme 00 3DCoat Tutorial

  • 10.Castle Theme 01

  • 11.Castle Theme 02

  • 12.Castle Theme 03

  • Chapter 4

  • 13.City Creation 00 Clarisse Introduction

  • 14.City Creation 01

  • 15.City Creation 02

  • 16.City Creation 03

  • Chapter 5

  • 17.Materials 01

  • 18.Materials 02

  • Chapter 6

  • 19.Tweaking and Details 01

  • 20.Tweaking and Details 02

  • 21.Tweaking and Details 03

  • 22.Tweaking and Details 04

  • Chapter 7

  • 23.Painting 00 Cryptomatte Exporting

  • 24.Painting 01

  • 25.Painting 02

  • 26.Painting 03

  • 27.Painting 04

  • 28.Painting 05

| Tutorial Parameters |



  • Name

  • Instructor

  • Content

  • Length

  • Software

  • System

  • Suitable for

  • Project file

  • Clarisse IFX 3D Large Scale Concept Art creation

  • Jonas Hassibi

  • Full HD videos and project files

  • Approximate 10 hours/27 sections

  • World Creator 2.0,3DCoat 4.8,Clarisse iFX 4.0,Photoshop CC 2019,Substance Source & Player

  • No limits

  • Scene Designer, Concept Artist

    PS files, 3D Coat assets, World Creator landscape files, Clarisse scene, All Asset in obj format

| What will you gain through this course? |


Get to know the workflow of large-scale 3D cinematic concept scene


Learn the creative thoughts, build up asset, material rendering and optimization from professional

| Professional Concept Artist Online teaching |


Jonas Hassibi

Jonas Hassibi is a professional concept artist who has many years of experience in scene design. He is now positioned at Firesprite in Liverpool, England and study animation and game in Frankfurt. He is also a concept artist at Deck13 in Frankfurt where he participated in many game developments, such as The Surge.

3D Large Scale Concept Art Creation

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