Stylized Female “Archer” Creating
181/68h (Finish)
Stylized Female “Archer” Creating
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This course includes:
68 hours video
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Stylized Female “Archer” Creating
Stylized Female “Archer” Creating
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Stylized Female “Archer” Creating
181/68h (Finish)
This course includes:




Vahid Ahmadi is a world-famous digital sculpture artist, whose works have been featured on ZBrush's website and CG magazines for many times.When we see Vahid's works, we know what a real work of art is. Behind each work there seems to be an intriguing story. This gives them a sense of life, rather than a dead model.The concept diagram for this tutorial has been authorized by the author.

This is a full process case course created with advanced 3D female characters, giving you a detailed understanding of the production process of 3D female character Garage Kit.With the course case "Female Archer", detailed explanation of knowledge points was carried out. It includes conceptual diagram analysis, low poly model creation, detail perfection, high poly model refinement, material texture, coloring to gray modeling and rendering, and synthesis of the final effect drawing.Thus it covers whole process explanation of the work from scratch to the final completion.


Kindly Reminder

Some basics of ZBrush and 3Ds Max are required. With the aid of basic knowledge will only make your learning path smoother.

The course duration:More than 68 hours.  




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| What technique do you need to know for advanced female characters creation? |


What is the digital sculpture creation process?

Sculpture process of characters and environment in film and TV, usually includes the concept diagram analysis, low-mode creation, detail perfection, high-mode refinement, material texture, rendering and synthesis. Digital sculpture work has been widely appeared in the film, games, sculpture, collection design, TV toys and trade show, spreading all over the world.

| Sculpture rendering class for female characters from top artist--"Stylized Female “Archer” Creating" incoming! |


This tutorial is taught by Vahid Ahmadi, a senior character digital sculptor whose works have been featured on the ZBrush home page and have won several art awards, including “Aries”, which was made in 2018 and exhibited in ASIAGRAPH 2018 as an outstanding work.
The tutorial lasts about 68 hours and you won't miss any technical process. The tutorial covers software tool setup, concept diagram analysis, low poly model creation, detail perfection, high poly model refinement, character asset creation and refinement, material texture addition, coloring, rendering and synthesis, allowing you to learn the high quality character creation workflow.


Role models and asset creation

Role models and asset creation

Core knowledge point


    This section will explain the skill of using ZBrush basic tools, analyze the original painting according to character concept, and interpretate the core design points of character sculpting and how to refer to and use ZBrush to sculpting characters’ face, clothes, hair, weapons and other details, and also the knowledge about character poses.



Add texture and hair to make

Add texture and hair to make

Core knowledge point


    This section mainly explains the workflow of using the 3Ds Max to add materials, making skin texture, pore, lifelike eyeballs and so on for the model, as well as demonstrates the process of using Ornatrix to make realistic fur, hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc.



Detail adjustment and rendering

Detail adjustment and rendering

Core knowledge point


    We will refine the whole model, improving the head, hand, hair, braid, hair cluster, texture, lighting and other parts, to complete the final rendering and synthesis.



| Here is the key highlights of stylized female character sculpture  |

Character model created with advanced technologies

Perfect character in every detail


Based on the original concept painting, it perfectly presents the 3D character as it should be. Every detail is elaborately sculpted, including the lifelike hair, skin texture, eyeballs, eyelashes, costumes, equipment and natural posture. You can break through technical barriers while mastering the process, with exclusive Chinese subtitles for easy learning.

Explanation and breakthrough of difficult points of top sculpting technologies

Comprehensive upgrade for technology and efficiency


Character refinement is the standard by which character artists are judged. Character artist Vahid Ahmadi will bring you a standard set of workflow on how to complete elaborate character models in ZBrush and how to use textures, color and other processes in 3Ds Max. The difficulties in this tutorial are hair production and eyeball production. However, all technical difficulties will be broken. Ultimately, the top techniques of this course will help you gain your own workflow and skills.

Tutorial Directory & Update Plan |

  • Trailer


  • Chapter 1:Basic Tools and Tips

  • 1.Ui in zbrush and Max settings ( Watch this First )

  • 2.BasicsLoading refrence picture (3 minutes)

  • 3.Loading the refrence and using floor


  • Chapter 2:Body Creating

  • 4.Making ready the Refrence Pose

  • 5.Archer base pose using zwarp and recording layer

  • 6.How to control layers and transfer details

  • 7.Adding main forms to body and posing fingers

  • 8.Face Sculpting

  • 9.Face posing and tpose head

  • 10.Working on the body proportions

  • 11.Posing fingers and correcting Pose and proportions

  • 12.Correcting breats and legs and shoulder

  • 13.Correcting Forms and fingers and bust


  • Chapter 3:Armor and Archery Equipment Creating

  • 14.Making the breastplate and correcting shapes

  • 15.Making Stockings and assets

  • 18.Making Boots Using Zmodeler

  • 19.Making gloves

  • 22.Making of front armor on the neck

  • 23.Shoulder Armor

  • 24.Making of belt and armor wrapped around the neck

  • 32.whole front armor on the belly

  • 53.Bow Modeling

  • 54.Making of the arrow

  • 59.Archery Equipment


  • Chapter 4:Clothes and Decoration Creating

  • 60.Coat Modeling

  • 61.Matching with bow and body and equipment

  • 62.Modeling belts around the wrist

  • 63.Adding fold shapes and putting behind the bow

  • 64.Adding thickness and sculpting

  • 65.Adding folds and straps around the arm

  • 66.Making straps on the sleeves and back

  • 67.Making the buckle for belts on the back

  • 68.Making the collar strap and stiching on the back

  • 69.Making straps next to the coat and archery equipment-1

  • 70.Making straps next to the coat and archery equipment-2

  • 71.Posing The Armor and assets-1

  • 72.Posing The Armor and assets-2

  • 75.Adjusting the pose and-s and adding details


  • Chapter 5:Texturing for head and Polypaint

  • 76.Adjusting head for texturing

  • 77.Starting to texture

  • 78.Starting to texture using polypaint

  • 79.The eyes paint

  • 80.Adding skin pores

  • 84.Starting Projecting textures

  • 85.Giving materials and polypaint-1

  • 86.Giving materials and polypaint-2

  • 87.Suggesting different color schemes-1

  • 88.Suggesting different color schemes-2

  • 89.Adjusting archery equipment

  • Chapter 6:Hair Sculpting and Texturing

  • 90.Modeling eye lashes

  • 96.Hair Modeling

  • 97.Boosting all the shapes and painting

  • 105.Starting unwrap,texturing and boosting to finalize

  • 106.Making splash effect

  • 107.Making turntable with two effects

  • 115.Rendering in ZBrush BPR and photoshop


  • Chapter 7:Creating Hair with Ornatrix

  • 120.Ornatrix intro

  • 121.Ornatrix intro and fiber mesh , Ornatrix ground strands

  • 122.Ornatrix intro , mesh strips and important notes

  • 138.Hair Ornatrix

  • 141.Ornatrix Mesh strips version

  • 142.Eyelashes using Ornatrix groom and zbrush mesh

  • 143.Eyebrow Ornatrix part1

  • 144.Eyebrow ornatrix part2

  • 145.Eyebrow and eyelash tweaking


  • Chapter 8:Adding Materials to EyeSkin and Equipment

  • 149.Eye Creating

  • 150.Eye tweaking and adding hdri

  • 151.Eye-adding more vividness and correcting cornea color

  • 156.Adding tear drop and shiny part of eye

  • 157.Cleaning and exporting maps from zbrush to max and testing maps

  • 158.Making skin shader

  • 159.Making skin shader and adding masks

  • 160.Boosting Make up

  • 161.Basic lighting setup for character

  • 162.Main lighting setup and exporting body maps and skin shader

  • 163.Making materials and dismap for necklace armor

  • 164.Making materials For strap of necklace armor

  • 165.Making shaders of Bra parts in zbrush and max and test rendering

  • 166.Making shaders of Side armors using zbrush and max

  • 167.Making shaders for straps on the coat and belts on the coat in zbrush and max

  • 168.Making shaders for front parts of armor in  3ds max and zbrush

  • 169.Adding depth and scratches to reflection and armor in vray

  • 170.Making  the shader of the black leather of archery belts on the sides and metal buckle

  • 171.Making  the shader of the black leather of cloth under main armor

  • 172.Making  the shader for  leather shiny material for gloves , straps on the leg and red buckles

  • 173.Making the material of boots and stockings in vray 3ds max and zbrush

  • 174.Making the material of side armor next to leg

  • 175.Making the shaders of Coat and straps

  • 176.Making the shaders of Bow

  • 177.Making the shaders of Archery box

  • 178.Making the shaders of arrow parts

  • 179.Making the shaders of the back and behind the coat buckles

  • 180.Making the shaders of the finger nails and teeth


  • Chapter 9:Finalizing and Rendering

  • 181.Finalizing and final notes,the Face and hands,eyes

  • 182.Finalizing and final notes ,the Hair

  • 183.Finalizing and final notes ,The braids

  • 184.Finalizing and final notes ,The Groomed hair version ( hair version 1 )

  • 187.Finalizing  and final notes,the Materials part

  • 188.Finalizing and final notes ,The Lighting

  • 192.Finalizing and final notes ,The Rendering And Composite

| Tutorial Parameters |



  • Name

  • Instructor

  • Content

  • Length

  • Software

  • System

  • Suitablefor


  • Project file

  • Stylized Female “Archer” Creating

  • Vahid Ahmadi

  • 1080p HD video + Project files

  • About 68 hours / 192 sections

  • ZBrush 2019 / 3DS Max / Photoshop CC 2018 / Ornatrix Ver 6.2 / Vray Next Update 2.1

  • No limits

  • Students with certain 3D knowledge base / ZBrush beginners and advanced students / 3D model makers / Model sculptor / Resin kit model maker

  • ZBrush custom UI files + Basic model + Macro + Custom Brush + Practical plug-in

| What will you gain through this course? |


Sculpture process of characters and environment in film and TV


Master how to quickly create character assets such as body and head


Learn how to sculpt the texture details of clothes and hair


Learn how to finally refine the character as well as to render and synthesize

| World-famous digital engraver Online teaching |


Vahid Ahmadi

Vahid Ahmadi is a CG artists and digital sculptor, from Bolivia, currently living in Iran, Tehran. He has been working in CG since he was 17 years old and has more than 10 years of experience. Now as a freelancer, he has made 3D character models for many companies and game studios, such as Bluepoint Games, KingSoft games, Seasun games, Darksidetoy collection company, Rcb collections company, Capcom. His works have been featured on the ZBrush home page and have won several art awards, including “Aries”, which was made in 2018 and exhibited in ASIAGRAPH 2018 as an outstanding work.                                                   

His works have been featured on the ZBrush home page and have won several art awards, including “Aries”, which was made in 2018 and exhibited in ASIAGRAPH 2018 as an outstanding work.


Top-Level Role and Scene sculpting

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181 Lessons (Finish)
we will constantly update the project files
Please download resources on PC
  • 1.Concept, Macros and Plugins
  • 2.Brush Presets
  • 3.Vahid UI and Hot Keys
  • 4.Base Mesh and Eye Assets
  • 5.Alphas and HDRI
  • 6.Body Textures
  • 7.Maps and Materials
  • 8.Decoration Textures
  • 9.Specular and SSS Mask
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