Blender 2.8 Complete Training
Deville Julien
106/33h (Updating)
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Blender 2.8 Complete Training
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This course includes:
33 hours video
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Blender 2.8 Complete Training
Blender 2.8 Complete Training
$49.00 $119.00 59%off
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Blender 2.8 Complete Training
Deville Julien
106/33h (Updating)
Last updated:
This course includes:

Notice: The course is continuously updated for 106 lectures / 33.26hours, with a preferential price of $49. After the course is updated, the original price will be restored to $119.
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Content: From discovering ring the software to polygonal modeling, object mode, edit mode, different rendering engines, scene lighting, realistic material creation, texturing, digital sculpture, animation, simulations, compositing, all these notions will be addressed in this training and will allow you to progress in the software.
Software: Blender2.8
Project file: Included


Chapter 1: Getting Started with the Software
1.2-Download, installation and minimum configuration
1.3-Discover the default interface
1.4-Customizing the interface
1.5-The 3d View: Navigation
1.6-The 3d View: Visualization and customization
1.7-Configuration: the properties editor
1.8-Configuration: User Preferences
Chpater 2: Object Mode
2.1-The object mode menu
2.2-Presentation of the different mesh primitives
2.3-Other objects overview
2.4-Basic manipulationships
2.5-The outliners and the collections
2.6-Objects relationships
2.7-The context menu and quick shortcuts
2.8-Objects constraints
2.9-The BoolTool addon
2.10-Simple modeling exercises from primitive
Chpater 3: Edit Mode
3.1-Introducing vertice, edge, face
3.2-Selection tools
3.3-Extrusion and face creation
3.4-Modeling tools in edit mode
3.5-The proportional edition
3.6-The snapping
3.7-Looptool addon
3.8-Basic Modeling Exercises in Edit Mode 1-Cup
3.9-Basic Modeling Exercises in Edit Mode 2-Apple
3.10-Basic modeling exercises in edit mode 3-Shampoo bottle
3.11-Basic Modeling Exercises in Edit Mode 4-Headphones
3.12-Modeling a robot with reference image part 1
3.13-Modeling a robot with reference image part 2
3.14-Modeling a robot with reference image part 3
3.15-Modeling a robot with reference image part 4
Chpater 4: Modifiers
4.1-Introducing modifiers system
4.2-Main modifiers overview - generate
4.3-Main modifiers overview - deform
4.4-Typical modeling with modifiers 1 The chain
4.5- Typical modeling with modifiers 2 The sofa
4.6- Typical modeling with modifications 3 The bottle
4.7- Typical modeling with modifiers 4 The plant
Chpater 5: Beziers Curves
5.1-Curves overview in edit mode
5.2-Modeling based on curves with hooks - wire on headphones
5.3-The text object
5.4-Exercise - Creation of a 3D logo in vector from a 2D image
Chpater 6: Render Engines in Blender
6.1-Rendering engines overview
6.2-Cycles Rendering Engine denoiser
6.3-Eevee rendering engine
6.4-workbench rendering engine
Chpater 7: Shaders and Node System
7.1-Node system and dedicated interface overview
7.2-The principled shader
7.3-The other shaders
7.4-Creating specific shaders
7.5-Applying Multiple Shaders on an Object
7.6-Node wrangler addon
7.7-Using textures
7.8-Exercise - Use on our robot and headphones
Chapter 8: Lighting and Shooting
8.1-Camera Settings
8.2-The world panel
8.3-Using HDRI maps
8.4-Different types of lamps
8.5-Exercise – Studio creation with three-points lighting
8.6-easy HDRI Addon
Chapter 9: UV Mapping
9.1-Unwrapping techniques
9.2-Automatic projections
9.3-Multi-editing and islands edition
9.4-Exercice - Unwrapping the cup
9.5-Exercice - Unwrapping the robot
Chpater 10: Texture Paint Mode
10.1-Texture paint mode - tools overview
10.2-Using an image texture as a painting tool
10.3-Using strokes and falloff
10.4- Exercise - Projecting a face in stencil mode
Chapter 11: The Sculptmode
11.1-Sculpt mode overview and dedicated interface
11.2-Tools overview
11.3-The modifier multiresolution
11.4-The freedom of dynamic topology
11.5-Using textures
11.6-Exercise - add muscles to an arm
11.7-Exercise - aging a face
11.9-baking a Normal and Ambient Occlusion map
Chapter 12: The Armatures
12.1-Overview of armatures
12.2-Bones management, layer system
12.3-Armatures in Edit Mode
12.4-The pose mode
12.5-The constraints
12.6-Parenting organic or mechanical object
12.7-Exercise: Rigging a humanoid
12.8-Exercise - Rigging our Robot
Chapter 13: Animation in Blender
13.1-Configuration and  key insertion system
13.2-Dedicated interface to animation
13.3-Separate location rotation and scale keys - Animation of a ball
13.4-Animation of other parameters (materials, texture, brightness)
13.5-Exercise on object - creating a title animation
13.6-Exercise on armature - Creating a Walking Cycle
Chapter 14: Simulations
14.1-Simulations system overview
14.2-Rigid bodies simulation
14.3-Smoke simulation
14.4-Fluids simulation
14.5-Cloth simulation
14.6-Dynamic particle system
14.7-Static particle system
Chapter 15: Compositing
15.1-Overview of compositing and its interface
15.2-Introducing the main nodes
15.3-Exercise- creating a thumbnail, adding a watermark
15.4- Exercise - adding a glow effect, using pass
15.5- Exercise - Inlay of a 3d object on an image


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Deville Julien
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