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User Services Agreement
Dear users, before you visit and use Wingfox (the website is, please read all the contents of this service agreement carefully.
1. Confirmation of the validity of the service agreement
1.1. This service agreement is an agreement between the user (you) and Goyor (HK) Limited. "Wingfox" (website owned and managed by Goyor (HK) Limited and Guangzhou Goyor Networking Technology Co., Ltd. which provides services to you in accordance with this agreement. The ownership, operation and interpretation of Wingfox services belong to Goyor (HK) Limited.

1.2. The "users" referred to in this service agreement include registered users and unregistered users. For those who have not registered a Wingfox account, log in to to browse related information, and they will automatically become "unregistered users of" when they click on the relevant webpages of Wingfox", Must comply with all Wingfox terms of service except for registered users.

1.3. If you use the services provided by Wingfox on behalf of the company, your acceptance of this service agreement will be automatically regarded as the acceptance of this service agreement by the company you represent. This service agreement constitutes a prerequisite for your use of the services provided by Wingfox. Except as prohibited by law, your access or use will be regarded as your full acceptance of this service agreement and its modified version at any time.

1.4. Wingfox reserves the right to update this service agreement at any time without prior notice. Once the revised content is published on, it will replace the original terms of service and form an integral part of this agreement. If the user does not agree to the modification of the terms, they can abandon the use or access to or cancel the services already obtained; if the user chooses to continue to access or use Wingfox after the terms change, the user is deemed to have accepted the modification of the service agreement that is subject to the service agreement.
2. Service Terms
2.1. Wingfox provides services including but not limited to the following:

2.1.1. Wingfox homepage and any webpage subpages under the homepage;

2.1.2. Wingfox directly owns or operates the client, software or any other network for users;

2.1.3. Wingfox uses directly owned or operated servers to provide users with information network storage space;

2.1.4. Any other technologies and / or services provided by Wingfox.

2.1.5. Due to the particularity of providing tutorial videos and downloading services, if you have used video viewing, material downloading, and source file downloading services, once the downloaded files are stored on your computer, it means that you have already used the service, refund requests will not be accepted unless the tutorial is unwatchable or download materials and source files makes the service you purchased unusable.

2.2. Wingfox provides information network storage space and related platform services according to user instructions. Users use the Wingfox service to upload "content", which is defined as uploading, sending emails, or any other means of video, audio, or any other form of content, including information, data, and text, through the Wingfox service referred to in the preceding paragraph , Software, music, audio, photos, graphics, video, information or other materials themselves and corresponding links.

2.3. Wingfox does not guarantee that all uploaded content can be obtained and browsed by other users through the Wingfox service or any Internet communication channels. Wingfox reserves the right to conduct random spot checks on uploaded and disseminated programs in accordance with the requirements of national laws and regulations, and has the right to remove or disconnect the illegal or infringing works without prior notice. The provisions of this paragraph do not exclude your copyright guarantee for the uploaded content, nor does it mean that Wingfox has the responsibility and ability to determine the copyright of your uploaded work. Wingfox is not responsible for the deletion or storage failure of the information posted by the user. Wingfox has the right to determine whether the user's behavior conforms to the relevant provisions of the Wingfox Terms of Service and to terminate the user's right to use in accordance with the provisions.

2.4. All rights of any software used by Wingfox to provide network services (including but not limited to any images, photos, animations, videos, recordings, music, text and additional programs and accompanying help materials included in the software) Belong to the copyright owner of the software, you may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software, or otherwise find the original code without the permission of the copyright owner of the software, otherwise you shall bear the corresponding responsibility Legal liability.

2.5. If the Wingfox service is stipulated or agreed otherwise, follow the stipulation or agreement.
3. The user's statement and guarantee
3.1. The name of the Internet user account registered and used by the user must comply with the "Regulations on the Administration of Internet User Account Name”. The user should guarantee the authenticity, correctness and completeness of the registration information at At the same time, the user is also obliged to update the relevant registration information in a timely manner when the relevant information is actually changed; the user guarantees not to register with with the information of others.

3.2. The user hereby expressly declares and guarantees that he/she has obtained or obtained all necessary rights and assumed all legal responsibilities for all content uploaded to, including but not limited to: the right or legal authorization to use or legality Wingfox is authorized to use all patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, performer rights and other private rights related to the uploaded content.

3.3. Unless otherwise agreed, the user agrees to grant Wingfox free, irrevocable, indefinite, and transferable non-exclusive licenses to use the content uploaded to; Wingfox has the right to view Circumstances to display and promote the foregoing content, has the right to copy, modify, publish, distribute and use the content in any form or authorize third parties to copy, modify, publish, distribute and use the content in other ways.

3.4. Unless otherwise agreed by the user and Wingfox, the user agrees that the Wingfox service is only for the user's non-commercial use, and no part of the Wingfox service or its use and acquisition may be copied, recorded, sold, and the account and others share or use the Wingfox service to conduct surveys, advertisements, or use the Wingfox service for any other commercial purpose, unless Wingfox otherwise has guidelines or rules for the use of specific services. Without Wingfox's written consent, users shall not use Wingfox services for sales or other commercial purposes.

3.5. The user guarantees that all actions carried out while using the service shall abide by national laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of Wingfox, and shall not violate the principles of public order and good customs. Including but not limited to illegal pyramid selling, fraud, infringement and reactionary activities, etc., Wingfox has the right to immediately delete the relevant content of such activities and stop the use of accounts engaged in such activities based on its own independent judgment without prior notice. If any legal consequences occur, the user will independently bear all corresponding legal responsibilities in his/her own name.
4. The user's account, password and security
4.1. Once the user has successfully registered and becomes a legal user of this site, he/she will get a password and username. The user is solely responsible for the security of the user name and password, and the user is fully responsible for all activities and events carried out under his/her user name. Wingfox has found that there are acts of improper use of the user's account and password, including but not limited to multiple people using the same account, reproduction, dubbing and other violations of this service agreement have the right to immediately delete relevant content of such activities and stop the use of accounts engaged in such activities based on their own independent judgment without prior notice. Similarly, if the user finds any illegal use of the user account or there is a security breach, please notify Wingfox staff immediately.

4.2. In the event of malicious registration using a computer program that may harm the interests of third parties, Wingfox has the right to unilaterally interrupt or terminate the provision of services to users without notifying users.

4.3. The user agrees that Wingfox has the right to send course information, course discounts and other information to registered users on this site by means of mail, sending information, and voice calls.
5. Users are prohibited from engaging in the following behaviors
5.1. Oppose the basic principles determined by the Constitution;

5.2. Endangering national security, leaking state secrets, subverting state power, and undermining national unity;

5.3. Damage to national honor and interests;

5.4. Inciting national hatred, national discrimination, and undermining national unity;

5.5. Undermine national religious policies and promote cults and feudal superstitions;

5.6. Spreading rumors, disturbing social order and destroying social stability;

5.7. Spread obscenity, gambling, violence, homicide, self-mutilation, terror or abet crimes;

5.8. Insult or defame others, infringe on the legal rights and interests of others (such as the right of reputation, the right of portrait, etc.);

5.9. Infringe upon the legal rights of others' intellectual property rights, business secrets, etc.;

5.10. Fictional facts, concealing the truth to mislead or deceive others;

5.11. Publish, transmit, and disseminate advertising information and spam;

5.12. Acts prohibited by other laws and regulations.

If the content you upload, post or transmit contains the above information or content that violates laws and regulations, or violates the legal rights and interests of any third party, you will directly bear all the adverse consequences caused by the above.
6. User Privacy System
Wingfox respects the privacy of users. Wingfox promises not to disclose, edit, use or disclose the user's registered information and non-public content stored in Wingfox services without the authorization of users who have legally registered and used, except for the following cases:

6.1. Comply with relevant laws and regulations, including providing information content posted by users on and their publication time, internet address or domain name when inquired by relevant state authorities

6.2. Comply with Wingfox services, product service procedures, and Wingfox match user information with third-party data based on business needs or provide business partners with statistical data on users.

6.3. To safeguard the legal rights and interests of Wingfox.

What data is the app collecting about the user? For what purposes is the app using that data?
We collect information about the apps and browsers users use to access Wingfox, which helps us provide features like recommending courses in the same language. The information we collect includes unique identifiers, browser type and settings, device type and settings, operating system, mobile network information including carrier name and application version number.
When users use third-part services (such as Facebook or Linkedln etc) to register an account, we collect information about the email address, profile photo and username etc.

If users don’t want to use Wingfox any more, how can users delete the data?
Users can ask Wingfox to delete all the data in users' account, including but not limited to purchase records, viewing records and usage records etc. However, users enjoy the permanent access to all the purchased courses in the account, and the data deletion is irreversible, which may lead to consequences such as being not able to watch the courses. Therefore, Wingfox doesn’t recommend users to delete the account data. If users insist to do so, please contact Wingfox’s customer service for help (contact email:
7. Wingfox disclaimer
7.1. Wingfox cannot guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of any information, content or advertisements (such as "information") obtained by users from Wingfox. Wingfox does not guarantee any transactions and / or transactions that do not directly occur with Wingfox. The act bears any direct, indirect, incidental or derivative losses and liabilities.

7.2. The user uses any data downloaded or obtained through at his/her own risk; due to such use, the user's computer system is damaged or the data is lost.

7.3. If the user improperly or illegally uses product services, purchases goods or conducts online transactions on, and fails to provide correct information in a timely manner, Wingfox shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damages.

7.4. Wingfox does not guarantee for the failure, technical defects, coverage limits, force majeure, computer viruses, hacker attacks, user location, user shutdown or other non-Wingfox technical capabilities of the domestic and foreign basic operator's communication networks service interruption that caused by the incident, message lost, garbled, wrongly received, unable to receive, and delayed.
8. Rights Protection Guidelines
8.1. If any individual, company or other subject believes that there is content on that infringes its own legitimate rights and interests, please contact Wingfox staff in time and submit relevant written notice to Wingfox, so that Wingfox can deal with it immediately. The notice shall contain the following contents:

8.1.1 The name, contact information and address of the right holder;

8.1.2 The name of the specific infringing content that requires deletion or disconnection, and the corresponding network address;

8.1.3 The preliminary proof of infringement. The right holder shall be responsible for the authenticity of the notice. If the right holder fails to submit the notice, Wingfox has the right to deal with it after verifying the situation, so all losses incurred are borne by the right holder.

8.2. If the user believes that the content uploaded on does not infringe the rights of others or upon receiving the notice of Wingfox's infringement handling, he/she can submit a written statement to Wingfox requesting the lifting of the relevant restrictive measures (excluding non-recoverable measures). The written description should include the following:

8.2.1 The user's name, contact information and address;

8.2.2 The name of the content to be restored, the network address of the corresponding content and the restrictions to be lifted;

8.2.3 Preliminary certification materials that do not constitute infringement. The user is responsible for the authenticity of the written instructions. If the user does not submit a written explanation, Wingfox will not automatically restore the relevant measures.

8.3. The above notice and relevant copyright information are mailed to:

Company: Goyor (HK) Limited. Wingfox

Address: Room 301-303, Block D, Zhihui Park Creative Park, 310 Yuangang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, Post Code: 510630

Contact: Legal representative

Telephone: 020-87573780

8.4. The notifications sent by to users are in the form of emails or page announcements. When the terms of this agreement are modified or other matters change, Wingfox will notify you in one of the above forms.
9. Applicable Law
The validity and interpretation of the terms of this service agreement shall be governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. The user and Wingfox unanimously agree that the relevant disputes arising from this agreement shall take the Tianhe District People's Court of Guangzhou as the court of first instance jurisdiction. If any part of the service agreement conflicts with the laws of the People ’s Republic of China, the provisions of that part shall be reinterpreted in accordance with the law. The invalidity or reinterpretation of some clauses shall not affect the legal validity of other clauses.
10. Special attention to terms
If the user is a natural person who does not have full civil capacity, please obtain the permission of his/her guardian or his/her guardian to use this platform directly.

The user's access to and use of is deemed that the user has unconditionally accepted all the above terms of service and voluntarily accepted the above terms of service.