Creating an Advanced Cinematic Character -Vagrant Knight【English】
Creating an Advanced Cinematic Character -Vagrant Knight【English】
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Category: CG | VFX Lessons: 59(Finish) Software: MayaZBrush


| This is a high quality course on cinematic character designing and making, which includes model concept design, texture mapping, material selections, hair making, rendering and etc.
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DURATION: 32 hours, 59 videos
STATUS: Updated, every Thursday

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| What does a character entail at CG Cinematic Level? |


| You can learn all these from this tutorial |  


In this tutorial, we will dive into the process of creating a high-detail and lifelike character model, covering the contents of references, modeling, facial details sculpting, techniques for creating photorealistic hair, texturing for skin, hair and leather.
You will learn how to create a CG cinematic character with multiple 3D software. In the end of this tutorial, your skills will be improved to next level.
In this tutorial, we will focus on techniques for hair creating, texturing for skin, metal and leather materials . We will provide you with the related project for you to learn easier.

| Creating awesome details with multiple software |


In this tutorial, we will use Maya 2016 or above, ZBrush, V-Ray(3.4 or above), Mari, Substance Painter and XGen.You should have a basic knowledge of Maya and ZBrush before learning this tutorial.

 Techniques Could be Learned. Ideas Could be Learned, too.


Heads up: Preparation is crucial. Having a good reference of character, appearance,dressing style makes things easier in modeling. In this tutorial, we will share with you how to create more delicate skin and more realistic materials.

| 1st Bonus: Additional Arnold 5.0 Rendering Tutorials! |


It was 27hours tutorials, and we added in another 5 hours to fulfil your inquires on advanced modeling design! It is now 32 hours long! Beside the V-Ray rendering, the additional 5 hours are going to focus on Arnold5.0 rendering! Sure that’s exciting news! Can’t wait to start!

| 2nd Bonus: Get the Project Files for Free! |


To ensure the quality of your studies, we offer our members in project files on models and textures, as well as the final completed model files for FREE!

|  More information, More trust |



Would I create the same effect as yours by following this tutorial?



Actually, if I said what you make would be exactly the same as mine, that would be exaggerating. The appearance of the character might vary with you ideas. Apart from that, your model would be very close to mine, as long as you followed me. Everything is explained in details. For the key tools, I underlined them in red.Technically, everything is reproducible, no cut, no jump!
For repeated contents, I played them in two times speed and explained them again for you. No skip just for saving time!



Is it a tutorial for showing off instead of teaching the practical and directable techniques?



No. I will comment everything you need to know along this tutorial, especially those parts you need to pay attention to and pitfalls you should avoid. The dubbing of the tutorial was tested. I can promise you that you could hear my voice clearly, without worrying the noise and background music that might distract your attention.
Each important point would be underlined in red or explained with illustration in the videos. The most important thing is that everything is explained in real time, no speeding. My goal is to let you learn in an easier way.

| Tutorial Directory  |

Chapter One: Preparation and Base Mesh

  • In this chapter, we will start by defining a character concept and collecting relevant resources and then we will go for creating low poly for the character.

    1. Preparing resources and references
    2.Sculpting a low-poly head
    3.Creating outfits : Part 1
    4. Creating outfits : Part 2

    Chapter Two: Preparation and Base Mesh

    In this chapter, we will complete the head sculpting and cloth creating.After that, we will create high poly for outfits and then test the skin textures and materials.

    5. Detailing the face part
    6. Painting details in skin textures using Mari
    7. Creating high poly for armors : Part 1
    8. Creating high poly for armors : Part 2

Chapter Three: Textures and Materials

  • In this chapter, we will create textures for the character with Mari and Substance Painter, and then finish the materials with Maya.

    9. Coloring skin with Mari
    10. Rendering and adjusting materials
    11. Painting materials for armors
    12. Painting materials for leather

Chapter Four: Creating Hair with XGen

  • We will learn how to use XGen to create hair and render it by using V-Ray.

    13. Eyebrows, eyelashes and beard
    14. Hair and beard
    15. Marten cape
    16. Hair rendering

Chapter Five: Rendering and Compositing

  • In this chapter, we will start to set up the layout of lights and channels for exporting, and then adjust the final image in Photoshop.

    17. Adjusting lights
    18. Using AOV channel
    19.  Adjusting the final image in PS : Part 1.
    20.Adjusting the final image in PS : Part 1

| Tutorial Parameters |



  • Name

  • Instructor

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  • Project file

  • A Real-time Tutorial of Creating an Advanced Cinematic Character --Vagrant Knight

  • Huifeng Huang

  • HD Videos

  • 32 hours/1920mins

  • Maya XGen SP V-Ray Mari ZBrush

  • No requirement

  • 3D Modelers, Character Modelers, CG Freelance

  • Modeling file, Texture file, Final image

| What can you learn  from this tutorial? |


Understanding the workflow of creating a high-detail and lifelike a character


Learning how to sculpt a head in ZBrush based on the reference of a man


How to create super real hair with XGen


The techniques for texturing metal, cloth and leather materials

Get to Know More about Your Instructor Come to Follow  His Steps to be a Master


Huifeng Huang/Instructor

Huifeng Huang's cutting-edge 3D techniques and thinking were developed through years of working at the character design. He is well exploesed to industrial modeling industrial design and project workflow. He dedicates himself to CG cinematic character creation, techniques and thinking breakthrough. Currently, he is working as an outsourcing. He is very experienced in many characters for flims and games, such as Kungfu Shao Lin, Juvenile Journey to the West, Shen Wu and so on.

They are works of the instructor, but they could be your works after learning this tutorial!


Step by step to complete the work

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