Creative Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 4
Alex Vochshakin
44/10h (Finish)
Creative  Environment Creation in  Unreal Engine 4
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This course includes:
10 hours video
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Creative  Environment Creation in  Unreal Engine 4
Creative Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 4
$49.00 $69.00 29%off
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Creative Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 4
Alex Vochshakin
44/10h (Finish)
This course includes:

| Tutorial Description |


| Creative Environment Creation is the course that developed for artists who want to use Unreal Engine for creating astonishing artworks! Here you will know the creation process for a real-time scene which looks like 2D-artwork or photo.You will see how to create an environment such good and detailed that it can be unforgettable for your viewers |

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This tutorial is suitable for students who have some basic knowledge of 3d software
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Creative  Environment Creation in  Unreal Engine 4简介


Creative  Environment Creation in  Unreal Engine 4简介


| Tutorial Directory & Update Plan |


    Chapter One: Theory of Original Ideas
    1.1 - Theory of Original Ideas
    1.2 - Mood Theory and Identifying the Idea

    Chapter Two: Collecting Reference
    2.1 - How to find References and Create Your Own Concept

    Chapter Three: Blockout
    3.1 - Introduction to blockout and first steps
    3.2 - Blockout Creation - Making and Placing Trees
    3.3 - Blockout Creation - Finalizing Works

    Chapter Four: Define Your Blockout
    4.1 - Introduction to Detailed Blockout and Objects Replacing
    4.2 - Working with a Terrain and Replacing Rocks
    4.3 - Defining Objects of Interest
    4.4 - Replacing the Remaining Models

    Chapter Five: Theory of Lighting
    5.1 - Theory of Lighting
    5.2 - Preparing the Scene
    5.3 - Finalizing the Lighting for Blockout

    Chapter Six: Tree Creation
    6.1 - Introduction to the Tree Creation
    6.2 - Preparing Photos for Texture Creation
    6.3 - Creating Textures for Tree
    6.4 - Introduction to SpeedTree
    6.5 - Creating Basic Tree Shapes
    6.6 - Finalizing Material Creation
    6.7 - Advanced Tree Creation Techniques
    6.8 - Finalizing and Export Tree to UE4


  • Chapter Seven: Grass Creation
    7.1 - Introduction to Grass Creation
    7.2 - Finalizing Material Creation for Grass
    7.3 - Creating a Grass Mesh
    7.4 - Finalizing and Export the Grass

    Chapter Eight: Placing Tree in Right Places
    8.1 - Defining Goals and Placing Trees
    8.2 - Improving Trees and Replacing Other Objects
    8.3 - Final scene creation Part 1
    8.4 - Final scene creation Part 2
    8.5 - Final scene creation Part 3
    8.6 - Placing Grass and Bushes

    Chapter Night: Material Editor
    9.1 - Intro to Material Editor
    9.2 - Creating Multi-Layered Terrain Material
    9.3 - Upgrading Terrain Material and Changing Mountains
    9.4 - Modifying Materials for Objects of Interest
    9.5 - Continuing Modification and Improving the Scene

    Chapter Ten: Sky and Light Setting
    10.1 - Working on Particles and Wind
    10.2 - Working on Sky and Basic Lighting
    10.3 - Setting up Final Lighting

    Chapter Eleven: Adjusting and Export
    11.1 - Character Redesign and Animation of Light
    11.2 - Praparing the Scene for Cinematic
    11.3 - Introduction to the Cinematics and Video Creation

| Tutorial Details |



  • Name

  • Instructor

  • Content

  • Length

  • Software


  • System

  • Suitable for

  • Project file


  • Creative Environment Creation

  • Alexander Vochshakin

  • HD Videos

  • 10 hours/11 videos

  • Unreal Engine 4.16+, Photoshop CS6+, Allegorithmic Substance Bitmap2Material 3+, IDV SpeedTree 8+ (UE4 Subscription), PureRef

  • No requirement

    Modeler,VFX artist

  • Model file

| What will you learn from this course? |


The whole process of a AAA game environment creation


Fitting layout of an advanced game environment


Presentation of game environmental material and lighting


Rendering of a game environmental atmosphere

| Environment artist Advanced teaching |


Alexander Vochshakin

My name is Alexander Vochshakin and I'm an indie game developer. I've been working as freelance environment artist for the last 5 years. My most remarkableworks are VR-Environment for Los-Angeles VFXstudio called Image Theory featured supermodel Coco Rocha and world first 3D-Scanned game-ready modular canyon which is available in Unreal Marketplace. I am also known for creating speed-environments in CryEngine just in 2-3 hours using default assets which became the most popular in social media amongworks using CryEngine. But now I'm focused on Unreal Engine and creating more advanced works from scratch.

Environment Creation

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44 Lessons (Finish)
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Alex Vochshakin
Signed Teacher for Yiihuu
Indie Dev, Enviroment Artist
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