Introduction to Houdini 17:Particles
Introduction to Houdini 17:Particles
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Category: CG | VFX Lessons: 26(Finish) Software: Houdini

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| This course will focus on How to control Particles using Point VOP and wrangle. Through this course, you will learn some of the practical tips and tricks that are used by professional FX artist. Also, learn to create Spark, Sand, Rain, Snow and Wetmap on your own using latest version of Houdini 17. |

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This tutorial is suitable for students who have some basic knowledge of 3d software
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| Tutorial Directory & Update Plan |

  • Chapter One: POP how to create Particles
    1.1 Houdini Interface
    1.2 Understanding Particles, POP
    1.3 What is Attribute and VEX

    Chapter Two: How to control POP
    2.1 how to create velocity using PointVop & Wangle
    2.2 Create Sand and Spark
    2.3 Create Dotproductusing simple math functions

    Chapter Three:Particle POP in depth
    3.1 Create basic Rain, Using POP Solver
    3.2 Create Rain
    3.3 Create deformation using Ripple Solver

    Chapter Four: Understanding SOP Solver
    4.1 Create Snow, Using force in POP solver
    4.2 Create robot in Snow
    4.3 SOP Solver

  • Chapter Five:Particle Rendering
    Sand Simulation
    Sand Rendering
    Sand Rendering - Pixel sample
    Render sphere

    Chapter Six: Introduction to VEX
    6.1 How to use Attribute Transfer and point cloud
    6.2 Deform based on Image
    6.3 More Math functions

    Chapter Seven: Ground Interaction
    7.1 Spark Emitting
    7.2 Ground Interaction 1
    7.3 Ground Interaction 2
    7.4 Debris
    7.5 Render

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  • #101# Houdini 17 《Particle effects basics》

  • Choi Gil Nam

  • HD Videos

  • 10 hours/7 chapters

  • Houdini 17

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    Modeler,VFX artist

  • Model file

| What will you learn from this course? |


Houdini17 interface & features


Simulation of spark, rain and basic effects with Houdini Particle module

| FX artist Advanced teaching |


Gil Nam Choi

Gil Nam Choi is Lead FX artist at MPC Moving Pictures Company. He has been working in this industry for 15years. such as industrial light and Magic, Double negative, and MPC.his credit is AquaMan, Avangers, Transformers, Warcraft etc.

SONIC(2019) Lead FX TD at MPC
AquaMan(2018) Lead FX TD at MPC
MEG(2018) Senior FX TD at Dneg
Nut Job2 (2017) Lead FX TD at Toonbox Entertainment
Great Wall(2016) FX TD at ILM
Warcraft (2016) FX TD at ILM
Avengers : Age of Ultron (2015) FX TD at ILM
HIT MAN : Agent 47 (2015) FX TD at ILM
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (2015) FX TD at ILM
Transformers 4: Age of Extinction (2014) FX TD at ILM
Pacific Rim (2013) FX TD at ILM
Control (2013) CG Supervisor at Real Sand Box

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