Creating a Sci-Fi Character for Games
Creating a Sci-Fi Character for Games
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When does  the Cyberpunk style first appear in our life?

Are you familiar with the workflow of Cyberpunk character creation?

What are the specification for film-level cyberpunk character?

This is an exclusive YIIHUU character which made in Cyberpunk style. YIIHUU worked in conjunction with  an experienced 3D artist to provide you a tutorial on SCI-FI Cyberpunk character. In this tutorial, all students will have the full reveal to every step of character making, which including hard surface creation, fiber creation in Marvelous Designer, Topology and Unwrapping UV, Texture baking, PBR texture map creation in Substance Painter, Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag, and Simple rigging by using Maya A.R.T. More to go. Students will learn related anatomy basis and acquire useful texture baking tips. YIIHUU students will get full access to all project files.



| How to create SCI-FI Cyberpunk character? |


How does Cyberpunk style first appear in our life?

The first introduction to cyberpunk style is related to youth rebellion. SCI-FI stories like a violation of public order for the sake of justice are often associated with cyberpunk style. Somehow it gradually infiltrates into our daily lives and becomes part of indivisible style for different districts.

| This is an exclusive tutorial that made only for you to learn Cyberpunk style character |


The total length of this tutorial is 60 hours. In this tutorial, all students will have the full reveal to every step of character making, which including hard surface creation, fiber creation in Marvelous Designer, Topology and Unwrapping UV, Texture baking, PBR texture map creation in Substance Painter, Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag, and Simple rigging by using Maya A.R.T.


Introduction to basic anatomy


Core Information

  • Marcelo would teach you basic human anatomy. You will get to know about human body ratio, ear sculpting, face outline and etc.


Software:Zbrush 4R7、Maya


MD costume modeling


Core Information

  • Marcelo would show you how to create outfits like shirt, pans, boots, jacket in Marvelous Designer. He would also tell you about hard surface making tips in this section.


Software:Maya 2018、MD6.5、Zbrush 4R7


Texture rendering techniques


Core Information

  • In these sections, Marcelo would guide you through topology and UV unwrapping, Texture baking, PBR texture map creation in Substance Painter, Rendering in Marmoset Toolbag, and simple rigging by using Maya A.R.T. You will be able to control the helmet with auto transformation.


Software:3Ds MAX、Maya、SP2017、Marmoset Tool Bag 3

| Highlights of this SCI-FI Cyberpunk character tutorial |


Marcelo Prado作为资深3D艺术家,有自己独特的创作思路和工作流程,课程中不仅从解剖学知识、角色雕刻、服装雕刻、贴图渲染、角色绑定等全流程讲解,更有讲师十余年工作经验全面分享。

Full demonstration, and to prepare you with all you need on character creation

Break through the difficulties and apply the knowledge you gain right away


To help YIHUU students to master character creation, Marcelo would provide you with detailed explanation on full body creation, hard surface creation, exclusive symbol making, 3D custom clothes creation.

| Learning with No Doubts |



 Does it covers rigging?



Yes, it does. This tutorial would cover simple rigging operations. I would use Maya ART system to do my rigging. ART was developed by EPIC Game. You will be able to import it into Unreal Engine 4 and Marmoset Toolbag 3



Does it cover low poly mesh application?



Yes, of cause. This is a comprehensive tutorial on character creation. I will guide you step by step to complete your model creation.

| Tutorial Directory & Update Plan | 

  • Chapter 1 - Intro

  • 1.Course_Intro


  • Chapter 2 - Head

  • 2.Zbrush_Tips

  • 3.Proportions_Chapter02_VD01

  • 4.Proportions_Chapter02_VD02

  • 5.Proportions_Chapter02_VD03

  • 6.Base Blocking

  • 7.First Shapes

  • 8.Ear Block

  • 9.Nose And Mouth

  • 10.Mouth And Ear Refine

  • 11.Eye Block

  • 12.Inner Mouth

  • 13.Eye And Nose Refine

  • 14.General Shape Check

  • 15.Facial Details And Wrinkles

  • 16.Micro Details_01

  • 17.Micro Details_02

  • 18.Micro Details_03

  • 19.Eyelashes And Eyebrows



  • Chapter 3 - Torax

  • 20._Anatomy_Chapter03_VD01

  • 21._Anatomy_Chapter03_VD02

  • 22.Blocking The Thorax

  • 23.Thorax Main Volumes

  • 24.Muscle Detailing_part1

  • 25.Muscle Detailing_part2

  • 26.Thorax Finishing



  • Chapter 4 - Arms

  • 27.Arm Anatomy_01

  • 28.Arm Anatomy_02

  • 29.Arm Modeling



  • Chapter 5 - Legs

  • 30.Leg Anatomy_01

  • 31.Leg Anatomy_02

  • 32.Leg Modeling


  • Chapter 6 - Hand

  • 33.Hand Anatomy

  • 34.Hand Modeling_01

  • 35.Hand Modeling_02



  • Chapter 7 - Foot

  • 36.Foot Anatomy

  • 37.Foot Modeling




  • Chapter 8 - Full Body

  • 38.Full Body Anatomy

  • 39.Full Presentation



  • Chapter 9 - Robot Arm

  • 40.Hard Surface Tips

  • 41.Robot Arm Sketching

  • 42.Robot Arm Modeling_01

  • 43.Robot Arm Modeling_02

  • 44.Robot Arm Modeling_03

  • 45.Robot Arm Modeling_04

  • 46.Robot Arm Modeling_05

  • 47.Robot Arm Modeling_06_Fingers

  • 48.Robot Arm Modeling_07_Fingers

  • 49.Robot Arm Modeling_08

  • 50.Robot Arm Modeling_09_Alphas

  • Chapter 10 - Pants

  • 51.Marvelous Design Intro

  • 52.PantsMarvelous3DGarment

  • 53.PantsMarvelous3DGarment

  • 54.PantsMarvelous3DGarment

  • 55.Pants Zbrush Modeling_01

  • 56.Pants Zbrush Modeling_02

  • 57.Pants Zbrush Modeling_03


  • Chapter 11 - Boots

  • 58.Boot Modeling_01

  • 59.Boot Modeling_02

  • 60.Boot Modeling_03

  • 61.Boot Modeling_04

  • 62.Boot Modeling_05

  • 63.Boot Modeling_06

  • 64.Boot Modeling_07

  • 65.Boot Modeling_08

  • Chapter 12 - T-Shirt & Sci-fi Jacket

  • 66.Shirt3DGarment

  • 67.Shirt Zbrush Modeling_01

  • 68.Shirt Zbrush Modeling_02

  • 69.Jacket3DGarment_01

  • 70.Jacket3DGarment_02

  • 71.Jacket3DGarment_03

  • 72.Jacket3DGarment_04

  • 73.Jacket3DGarment_05

  • 74.Jacket3DGarment_06

  • 75.Jacket ZBrush Modeling_01

  • 76.Jacket ZBrush Modeling_02

  • 77.Jacket ZBrush Modeling_03

  • 78.Jacket ZBrush Modeling_04

  • 79.Jacket ZBrush Modeling_05

  • 80.Jacket ZBrush Modeling_06





  • Chapter13-Helmet

  • 81.Helmet Modeling_01

  • 82.Helmet Modeling_02

  • 83.Helmet Modeling_03

  • 84.Helmet Modeling_04

  • 85.Helmet Modeling_05

  • 86.Helmet Modeling_06

  • 87.Helmet Modeling_07

  • 88.Helmet Modeling_08

  • 89.Helmet Modeling_09



  • Chapter14-Retopology & UV

  • 90.Retopology_01

  • 91.Retopology_02

  • 92.Retopology_03

  • 93.Retopology_04

  • 94.Retopology_05

  • 95.Retopology_06

  • 96.Retopology_07

  • 97.Retopology_08

  • 98.Retopology_09

  • 99.Retopology_10

  • 100.Retopology_11

  • 101.Retopology_12

  • 102.Retopology_13

  • 103.Retopology_14

  • 104.Retopology_15

  • 105.Retopology_16

  • 106.Retopology_17

  • 107.Retopology_18

  • 108.Retopology_19

  • 109.Retopology_20

  • 110.Retopology_21

  • 111.Retopology_22

  • 112.Retopology_23

  • 113.Retopology_24

  • 114.Retopology_25

  • 115.UV_01

  • 116.UV_02

  • 117.UV_03

  • 118.UV_04

  • 119.UV_05



  • Chapter15-texturing

  • 120.Baking GeneralAO

  • 121.Baking_01

  • 122.Baking_02

  • 123.Baking_03

  • 124.ZTexture Paint_01

  • 125.ZTexture Paint_02

  • 126.ZTexture Paint_03

  • 127.Substance Painter_01

  • 128.Substance Painter_02

  • 129.Substance Painter_03


  • Chapter16-Rendering

  • 130.ToolBag Intro

  • 131.Material Break Down

  • 132.Photography

  • 133.Lighting



  • Chapter17-Rigging

  • 134.ART_01

  • 135.ART_02

  • 136.ART_03

  • 137.ART_04

  • 138.Driven Keys_01

  • 139.Driven Keys_02

  • 140.Driven Keys_03

| Tutorial Parameters |



  • Name

  • Instructor

  • Content

  • Length

  • Software

  • System

  • Suitable for

  • Project file

  • Creating a Sci-Fi Character for Games

  • Marcelo Prado

  • 1080P HD tutorial+ project files

  • Approximate 60 hours

  • 3Ds MAX 2018, Maya 2018, MD6.5, Zbrush 4R7, SP2017, Marmoset Tool Bag 3

  • All versions

  • Character Artist, 3D Artist, Game developer and CG enthusiasts

  • Course model file & renderings

| Through this course What will you gain? |


Full SCI-FI Cyberpunk character workflow


Master basis of human anatomy


Armor, mechanical arm and and clothes’ hard surface creation and tips


Learn to render with Marmoset Toolbag

| Senior 3D srtist  Online teaching |


Marcelo Prado

Marcelo is an experienced 3D game artist who has been working in the related field for more than 12 years. In the past years, he has been working in building game assets for 7 years. One of his representative achievement is a social game, which funded by the most popular Children product brand called ChicoBento’s Gang in Spain. Moreover, Marcelo also worked at Samsung's game studio directly with Gear VR and Oculus Rift and he took part in a lot of 3D art work creation and VR game production.                                                
He is recently working on a game project named Mutant Football League for both XBox One and PC version. 


SCI-FI Cyberpunk Character

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