Large Scale Environment Creation
Emilis Baltrusaitis
63/24h (Finish)
Large Scale Environment Creation
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This course includes:
24 hours video
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Large Scale Environment Creation
Large Scale Environment Creation
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Large Scale Environment Creation
Emilis Baltrusaitis
63/24h (Finish)
This course includes:


As a CG artist or a CG enthusiast, did you ever wonder you might get a chance to get in touch with the professional behind the visual production on James Bond, Alice in Wonderland, Assassin's Creed, Wonder Woman, Fast & Furious, Mission: Impossible, Pacific Rim, Avengers? 

Well, you don't have to wonder or longing now. Emilis Baltrasaitis, who is the professional behind the scene is here on YIIHUU to offer you the ticket to become a Digital Matte Painting innovator. 

Let’s see how Emilis is going to teach us!



| How do you create large-scale dynamic SCI-FI scene? |


Why so special about this course?

It is not only a demonstration on 2D concept art, but also a transform, which is a renewal on static concept art.  

Emilis is going to blend 2D and 3D.

| Large Scale Environment Creation DMP work flow exposure, open up the new dimension of CG dynamic scene |


The total duration of this tutorial is approximate 24 hours. DNEG Digital Matte Painter, Emilis Baltrusaitis, is going to make  a demonstration on all steps including: creation of vegetation and buildings, use of Clarisse and photoshop, lighting setups and atomsphere, as well as Nuke composition. And we are should there is the tutorial to help you to create large-scale matte painting.


Scene reference and layout



Core Information

  • In this section, Emilis is going to share his ideas and plans, collect references and ready geometry in Kitbash. He would create single geometry in Maya and finish the model of city in Clarisse. He would also create texture in Photoshop and render them in Clarisse.


Chapter 1 - Chapter 6


Software: Maya、Clarisse 、Photoshop


Scene refinement and element addition



Core Information

  • In this section, Emilis would add some necessary vivid figures inside the painting in order to bring realism to the picture. The he would use Photoshop to add fog. Plus, he would create spaceship in Clarisse and assemble the pieces in kitbash.


Chapter 7 - Chapter 13


Software: Photoshop 、Clarisse


CG dynamic shot composition



Core Information

  • In this section, Emilis would first show you how to create a moving shot in Clarisse, then he would create 3D mist in Clarisse/Houdini and explain to you the method of blending 2D and 3D effect. Finally, he would complete the shot in Nuke.


Chapter 14 - Chapter 17



| The highlights of advanced 2D&3D digital matte painting are... |


Emilis has spent the last several years working in the visual effects industry at DNEG London. He has worked on projects such as James Bond, Alice in Wonderland, Assassin's Creed, Wonder Woman, Fast & Furious, Pacific Rim, Mission: Impossible and the Avengers. Lately he has worked as a Lead Digital Matte Painter on Mission: Impossible 6 and Wonder Woman 2. As an senior digital Matte Painter, Emilis is going to show you what is the efficient way of doing digital art painting.

DNEG Digital Matte Painter Director is sharing his design concept and experience with you

Let’s ascent our skills to the next level!


It’s an exclusive tutorial that made for YIIHUU students. This tutorial is going to guide you on how to create large-scale digital matte painting step by step. This includes searching reference on desire architecture style, scene layout, lighting and atmosphere renderings and dynamic image composition. Emilis is going to be your thinking guide and lead you to the gate of becoming a DMP innovator. So, only master the core design concept so you will never replaces. Let’s get you start today!

| Learning with No Doubts |



Will Emilis talk about the workflow of 3D rendering in Photoshop?



Well, I will definitely explain the workflow. I will use the aid of 3D rendering and other reference images to complete the scene in an efficient way. Finally, I will do color adjustment and composition in Nuke.



Will Emilis be covering low poly mesh application and the basic knowledge of Clarisse?



Yes, I will. I would like to address that it is a tutorial about creating digital matte painting. I will definitely make sure all students can master the base of these software to create this matte painting.

Tutorial Directory & Update Plan |

  • Chapter 1

  • 1. Introduction

  • Chapter 2

  • 2. Reference Gathering

  • Chapter 3

  • 3. Clarisse Basics

  • 4. Scattering Techniques part 1

  • 5. Scattering Techniques part 2

  • Chapter 4

  • 6. Maya Modeling part 1

  • 7. Maya Modeling part 2

  • 8. Maya Modeling part 3

  • Chapter 5

  • 9. Composition Blocking part 1

  • 10. Composition Blocking part 2

  • Chapter 6

  • 11. Lighting

  • 12. Refinement in PS and Clarisse part 1

  • 13. Refinement in PS and Clarisse part 2

  • Chapter 7

  • 14. Detail Scattering

  • 15. Manual Layout part 1

  • 16. Manual Layout part 2

  • 17. Manual Layout part 3

  • 18. Manual Layout part 4

  • Chapter 8

  • 19. Render Passes part 1

  • 20. Render Passes part 2

  • 21. Texture Creation

  • 22. Triplanars

  • 23. Rendering

  • Chapter 9

  • 24. Photoshop Layer Order

  • 25. Painting Triplanars part 1

  • 26. Painting Triplanars part 2

  • 27. Painting Water

  • 28. Overpaint Shanties part 1

  • 29. Overpaint Shanties part 2

  • 30. Overpaint Boats

  • 31. Overpaint people

  • 32. Overpaint tops

  • Chapter 10

  • 33. Haze

  • 34. Waterfalls part 1

  • 35. Waterfalls part 2a

  • 35. Waterfalls part 2b

  • Chapter 11

  • 36. Detailing part 1

  • 37. Detailing part 2

  • Chapter 12

  • 38. Airships part 1

  • 39. Airships part 2

  • Chapter 13

  • 40. Concept Final fixes

  • Chapter 14

  • 41. Test Projection

  • 42. Layer Split

  • Chapter 15

  • 43. Nuke Animation part 1

  • 44. Nuke Animation part 2

  • 45. Nuke Animation part 3

  • 46. Nuke Animation part 4

  • 47. Nuke Animation part 5

  • 48. Nuke Animation part 6

  • 49. Frame 01 setup and paint

  • 50. Projection Setups

  • Chapter 16

  • 51. Airships Animated part 1

  • 52. Airships Animated part 2

  • 53. Edges

  • 54. VDB Fog

  • 55. 3D Cables

  • 56. Reflections and Renders

  • Chapter 17

  • 57. Nuke Compositing part 1

  • 58. Nuke Compositing part 2

  • 59. Nuke Compositing part 3

  • 60. Nuke Compositing part 4

  • 61. Nuke Compositing part 5

  • 62. Nuke Compositing part 6

  • 63. Nuke Final Composition


| Tutorial Parameters |



  • Name

  • Instructor

  • Content

  • Length

  • Software

  • System

  • Suitable for

  • Project file

  • Large Scale Environment Creation

  • Emilis Baltrusaitis

  • 1080HD tutorials

  • Approximate 24 hours and 63 sections

  • Clarisse iFx 3.6, Photoshop , Maya 2018, Nuke, Houdini FX 17

  • No limits

  • 3D Environmental artist, Matte painter, concept artist, Lighting artist and CG enthusiasts

  • Project files of model asset, PSD of scene image and relevant Houdini files 

| Through this course What will you gain? |


Free you inventiveness and learn the workflow of international CG scene 


Implement 3D rendering in Photoshop and Clarisse


Learn the scene layout and lighting setting of digital matte painting


Master the techniques of projection and animation shots

| DNEG Digital Matte Painter Director  Online teaching |


Emilis Baltrusaitis

Emilis used to work as a Digital Matte Painter and Environment Generalist at Framestore. In recent years, he is working at DNEG in VFX field. He has participated many film projects, including: James Bond, Alice in Wonderland, Assassin’s Creed, Wonder Woman, Fast & Furious, Mission: Impossible, Pacific Rim, Avangers and so on.                                   
    Currently, he is working on Mission: Impossible 6 and Wonder Woman 2 as a Matte Painter Director. Apart from matte painting, he also worked on texture creation, lighting and concept art as well.

| Emilis Baltrusaitis  SHOWREEL |

Large-scale CG matte painting creation

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63 Lessons (Finish)
we will constantly update the project files
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  • Monsoon_concept
  • fog_vdb_houdini_project
  • clarisse_project
  • cables_houdini_project
Emilis Baltrusaitis
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