“Liu yifei likeness as Mulan” for Photorealistic rendering
“Liu yifei likeness as Mulan” for Photorealistic rendering
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Yiihuu's grand production in late 2018 - a tutorial, never launched online before, of the look development of a rare film role, with the heroine in the Disney film “Mulan” that will be released in 2020 as the prototype. By learning the film-based process techniques, you will embrace a bright future in the CG industry where IP is prevailing.

The tutorial is instructed by Jungwon Park, senior LookDev artist from South Korea, with years of experience in game, film and TV role development. He has worked as the look developer of many games including “AION”, “Lineage” and “Blade and Soul”. In this tutorial, you will learn how to create lifelike skin texture and the high-quality rendering technique for 3D role models. Here you will acquire the exquisite modeling techniques and the whole process of look development for film roles.

Reminder: this is a middle-to-high-level tutorial designed for advanced learners of mapping and rendering, with little instruction on the modeling part, and thus requires the learners to have a good foundation in Maya.





| What Is Film and TV Role Look Development & What It Means to the Film and TV Industry |


What is film and TV role look development?

Role look development is the process of planning and selecting a role during film and TV production, and creating the CG virtual image accordingly. It is usually applied in live-action animated films, CG films and commercial blockbusters with special effects, e.g. "Gintama", "Legend of Ravaging Dynasties", "Warcraft", as well as the Disney film "Mulan" that will be released in 2020.


What role does it play in the process of film and television industry?

Once the CG virtual image is completed, it can provide great support for character dressing, form, action, post-production special effects and even performance. The CG image has more freedom and modification space, which is indispensable in the film workflow.

| A Tutorial of Lifelike Rendering Showing You Beauty of Role Look Development |


Production of SSS skin texturing

Course case 1



Core of the tutorial

  • This section provides detailed explanation of the principle of SSS high-quality skin performance, by extracting the image texture from TexturingXYZ in ZBrush and Mari, creating the displacement map in Maya and displaying the detailed facial grid.


Software:Mari / Autodesk Maya 2018 / ZBrush


display of the utmost facial details

Course case 2



Core of the tutorial

  • This section is about lifelike facial details, in which the facial organs of the female role and the application of skin texturing will be introduced. It also provides a structural analysis of the eyes, as well as the principle and application of Xgen in hair generation.


Software:Mari / Autodesk Maya 2018 / ZBrush


high-level lighting rendering setting

Course case 3



Core of the tutorial

  • This section explains the principles of camera angle and focal length and lighting in Maya, the use of Arnold Shader for hair synthesis and final rendering, as well as adjustment via Photoshop to ensure the optimal rendering effect.


Software:Mari / Autodesk Maya 2018 / ZBrush

| Two Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Tutorial |

Master the Core of Role Look Perfronmance,by Acquiring Texrure Performance and High-Level Rendering Techniques

Presenting the best effect


The quality of an image depends largely on the model artist’s mapping and rendering techniques. The skin, hair and lighting rendering displayed in this tutorial represent high-level craftsmanship. If you want to reach that level, take this tutorial.

Role Development is A Highly Popular Job in the CG Game, Film and TV Industries

Unleash your inspirations


The instructor has years of experience in the CG game, film and TV industries, having participated in many projects of illustration, game, film and TV program, including “AION”, “Lineage”, “Blade and Soul”, etc. As an expert in game role design and film and TV role look development, he will show you the development process of an IP role from model to final rendering, with Mulan as an example, helping you unleash your inspirations of artistic creation.

| Learning with No Doubts |



Is the role in this tutorial produced in real time? Can it be done with other renderers than Arnold?



The high-quality face is indeed produced in real time. You can use more than just Arnold renderer, as the lighting principle introduced in the tutorial is also applicable to other renderers.



What can I learn from this tutorial?



In this tutorial, you will learn many techniques for creating lifelike 3D images. We will use Maya’s Arnold Renderer to extract the image texture, lighting and camera. We will also use the basic concepts of Reflection and SSS to display the high-quality skin texture. In addition, we will introduce the way to realize effective hair performance via Xgen. By learning this tutorial, you will understand the entire process of creating a lifelike face model, as well as acquire the techniques of 3D image production.

| Tutorial Directory & Update Plan |                      

Chapter 1.Intro


Chapter 2.Modeling

01:Head modeling #1/2

02:Head modeling #2/2

03:UV unwrap

04:Hand retopology (scanned hand using Quad draw) #1/2

05:Hand retopology (zbrush projection) #2/2

06:Body process #1/2

07:Body process #2/2


Chapter 3.Texturing

08:Color texture using texturingXYZ cross polarized photo set #1/2

09:Color texture using texturingXYZ cross polarized photo set #2/2

10:Make up for female face

11:Face Displacement texture using texturingXYZ #1/3

12:Face Displacement texture using texturingXYZ #2/3

13:Face Displacement texture using texturingXYZ #3/3

14:Arm texturing in photoshop and Mari #1/2 Albedo

15:Arm texturing in photoshop and Mari #2/2 Displacement

16:Substance painter for body texturing #1/4 Preparing

17:Substance painter for body texturing #2/4

18:Substance painter for body texturing #3/4

19:Substance painter for body texturing #4/4


Chapter 4.Displacement

20:Extracting displacement map in Zbrush and Mari

21:Zbrush displacement map setup

22:TexturingXYZ displacement map setup


Chapter 5.Camera & Light

23:Scene scale


25:Basic lighting

26:Light setup


Chapter 6.Speculars

27:Masks for specular

28:Primary specular

29:Secondary specular #1/2

30:Secondary specular #2/2


Chapter 7.Skin Shading

31:Skin Shading

Chapter 8.Eye

32:Eye modeling

33:Iris shading with texturingXYZ

34:Sclera texturing in Photoshop

35:Sclera shading



Chapter 9.Xgen for Hair

37:Eyelash #1/2

38:Eyelash #2/2

39:Eyebrow #1/2

40:Eyebrow #2/2


42:Using Fibermesh

43:Top Hair

44:Random Expression

45:Front Hair #1/2

46:Front Hair #2/2

47:Fine Hair

48:Adding Hair

49:Nape Hair

50:Tied Hair

51:Tail Hair #1/2

52:Tail Hair #2/2


Chapter 10.Body shading

53:Displacement using UDIM

54:Substance to Arnold

55:Arm displacement

56:Arm Speculars

57:Hand Shading


Chapter 11.Pose

58:Rigging & posing

59:Modifying a pose in Zbrush

60:Using transferin Maya



Chapter 12.Rendering

61:HDRI Lighting

62:Add lights

63:DOF & Chromatic Aberration

64:Removing noise & Final

| Tutorial Parameters |



  • Name

  • Instructor

  • Content

  • Length

  • Software

  • System

  • Suitable for

  • Project file

  • “Liu yifei likeness as Mulan” for Photorealistic rendering

  • Jungwon Park

  • Full HD videos

  • 23 hours/81 videos

  • Mari3.2v1,Maya2018.3, zbrush2018,Arnold for Maya5(MtoA 3.0),Substance Painter2018 ,PS CC2018

  • No requirement

  • 3D modelers, role modelers, film and TV role development artists

  • Role model files + map files

| Through this course What will you gain? |


Guidance and brand new process and techniques of high-quality look development of female film roles


Lifelike skin texture performance, detailed portrayal of facial organs


Using Texturing XYZ to create displacement texture and albedo texture


Using Arnold Renderer for map processing, setting different lighting effects and camera focal lengths for perfect rendering

| Senior role look development expert Online teaching |


Jungwon Park

Jungwon Park is a senior role look development expert, with years of experience in the CG industry, and currently works in Tencent, China. He has participated in many projects of CG illustration, game, film and TV program, including “AION”, “Lineage”, “Blade and Soul”, etc. He has worked in Project B2 of NCsoft in South Korea, and published a book about 3D rendering, making remarkable contribution to the development of the LookDev industry.

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