CAIN & AVEN : Creating a Character in Blender and Photoshop
CAIN & AVEN : Creating a Character in Blender and Photoshop
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Background of the case in this course: Cain and Aven was the first murder in human history. According to Genesis, Cain and Aven were the two sons of Adam and Eve. Cain, the first-born, was a farmer, and his brother Aven was a shepherd. Cain was the first human born and Aven was the first to die. Cain committed the first murder in history, when he killed his brother Aven. The flesh was lost, and the soul was trapped in the machinery. This is a story about redemption and rebirth.

How to find inspiration for design elements full of redemption and rebirth? This set of tutorials will give you a comprehensive demonstration of the process of making cyborgs + scenes. A collection of techniques, ideas, and experience helps you quickly build a concept thinking frame. You will learn about how to get inspiration and how to accurately search for materials to blend blender into your character creating workflow and make your character more realistic. These tutorials cover a series of core contents of concept design such as sketching, 3D modeling, shading, rigging, lighting, rendering and so forth.

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Preliminary work and sketch

Preliminary work and sketch

Core Information

  • You will learn how to do the preliminary work of concept design, mastering the design thinking and inspiration of senior concept artist; Learn to quickly search for useful materials, then draw sketches of characters to outline their images, emotions and atmosphere in your mind and finally to create an ink painting concept.


3D model creation

3D model creation

Core Information

  • This section explains how to turn your two-dimensional concepts into 3D models, including the modeling and sculpting process for weapons, bodies, and heads, as well as the techniques for refining and adjusting the models.


Complete the final concept

Complete the final concept

Core Information

  • Add details, riggings, lighting, scene settings, and atmosphere to the character. Polish and finalize the concept design in Photoshop.


| Tutorial Directory & Update Plan |

  • Chapter 1 Design Thinking And Blockout
    1. Key Words
    2. Blockout and Materials
    3. Style Adjustment and Attemptation Part 1
    4. Style Adjustment and Attemptation Part 2

    Chapter 2 Character Modeling
    5. Weapon modeling Part 1
    6. Weapon modeling Part 2
    7. Weapon Retouch Part 1
    8. Weapon Retouch Part2
    9. Joints Adjusting
    10. Component embedding Part1
    11. Component embedding Part2
    12. Torso and Head Sculpting Part1
    13. Torso and Head Sculpting Part2
    14. Face
    15. Torso Detailing Part1
    16. Torso Detailing Part2

Chapter3 Shading Part
17. Face
18. Head Part1
19. Head Part2
20. Head Part3
21. Torso and limbs Part1
22. Torso and limbs Part2
23. Torso and limbs Part3

Chapter4 Basic Rigging
24. Basic Rigging

Chapter5 Scene Setup
25. Scene Setup Part1
26. Scene Setup Part2

Chapter6 Illustration
27. Color Adjustments in Photoshop Part1
28. Color Adjustments in Photoshop Part1
29. Final Adjustments Part1
30. Final Adjustments Part2

Chapter7 Conclusion
31. Conclusion

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  • CAIN & AVEN : Creating a Character in Blender and Photoshop 


  • 1080p HD video + Project files

  • About 16 hours / 31 sections

  • Blender 2.79, Photoshop

  • No limits

  • Film maker / Concept designer

  • blender files / PS files

| What will you gain Through this course? |


Understand the entire process of advanced concept design


Add Blender to your character design workflow

3D assisted concept design teaching

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